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Liquid Filling & Packaging Line Solutions

Ideal-Pak® Liquid Filling Machines are manufactured by Ideal-Pak® Massman LLC. Our extensive product line includes fully automatic and semi-automatic filling systems that operate by Electronic Net Weight, Mechanical Weight or Volumetric technology.

Our mission


Ideal-Pak® Liquid Filling Machines are designed to increase your yields, productivity and efficiency. Determining which Ideal Filling machine best meets your requirements is a combination of your product qualities, production volumes, container sizes, filling accuracy and your budget.


The size of containers the Ideal-Pak® lineup of liquid filling machines can handle ranges from small half pint containers up to large drums and totes. Our Automatic and Semi-Automatic Lines are perfect for small containers up to Gallons and Pails. The PT Series excels at Drums and Totes.

Everything You Need in a Liquid Filler

Liquid Filling & Packaging Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs

Ideal-Pak Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid Filling Machines

Ideal-Pak® Liquid Fillers Are Designed To Deliver the Highest Levels of Precision, Productivity, Ease of Use, and Reliability in Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Manual Configurations.

Ideal-Pak Lid Placers

Lid Placers

Ideal-Pak®’s Lid Placing Machines are the high performance container handling solution for a variety of applications requiring friction lids from half pint to 5 gallon containers. Reduce labor costs by fully automating your in-line filling operation with an Ideal-Pak® automated lid placer system engineered to dispense and position lids (before closing) on filled containers. Use the solution guide to select the best lid placer for your application.

Ideal-Pak CA-CES


Ideal-Pak®’s closing machines seal friction and press-on lids in a wide range of container sizes and lid types. Ideal-Pak® closer assemblies are easy to setup and integrate with many systems. Select from Pneumatic-Press/Crimper Closers to Roller Closers.

Ideal-Pak High Quality Nozzles

Precision Nozzles

Ideal-Pak® precision made nozzles are an important component of our liquid filling machines. Ideal-Pak® has developed a variety of precision made nozzles to optimize the filling of virtually any liquid product. Ideal-Pak® Nozzles are reliable, durable, corrosion resistant, and easy to clean. Contact an Ideal-Pak® Salesman to discover the range of applications and viscosities of a variety of high performance liquid filler nozzles.