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Ideal-Pak® History

The story of Ideal-Pak® Incorporated and the Ideal-Pak® brand dates back more than sixty years, when the original Ideal Manufacturing and Sales Corp. was founded In 1949. From the early days as a manufacturer of custom machinery, to their transition to creating liquid filling machines and packaging line solutions, Ideal-Pak® Incorporated grew through innovation, experience, and knowledgeable engineering staff.

The Ideal-Pak® Incorporated mission is to create high performance customized equipment that met the exact needs of their customers. It was not long before high technology controllers, patented functionality, and expanded options for increased capabilities became part of Ideal’s automated liquid filling and packaging solutions.

The Ideal-Pak® line of liquid filling machines has emerged to become a quality name in the international paints and coatings, chemicals, lubricants, and food and beverage industries. Ideal-Pak® Filling & Packaging Line Solutions enable mid-size companies to Fortune 500 brands to automate their operations and increase productivity.


Company Milestones:


1952: Manufactures Machinery for Ambrose

1985: Exhibited Their First Electronic Weight Filler At Paint Industries Show

1988: Exhibited Their First Fully Automated Electronic Weight Filler At Paint Industries Show

1989: Introduced Their PLC Controlled Automatic Electronic Weight Filler.

1991: First To Provide Scale Access Doors On Automatic Electronic Weight Fillers

1992: Introduced Their Rotary Indexed Filler

1993: Combined Shut Off & Dribble Functions In One Ball Valve To Support Hazardous Locations.

1996: Patent Granted For Mobile And Flushable Container Filling Unit

1998: Patent Granted For Mobile Volume Flow Filling Unit

2000: Patent Granted For Fluid Filling System With Fill Time Optimization

2001: First To Develop And Introduce Connection Free Carts.

2003: Patent Granted For Mobile Fluid Product Filling System With Fast Setup

2004: Acquired Neupak Filling Machines

2008: Introduced Their Vented Cone Nozzle

2009: Ideal Introduces The Innovative Direct Fill System (DFS®)

2010: Ideal-Pak® Division Launched

2011: Introduced New Performance Line Of Semi-Automatic Filling Machines At Pack Expo, Las Vegas

2012: Ideal-Pak® Website Launched

2012: Registered Trademark for DFS® System Granted

2013: Ideal-Pak® Spanish Website Launched

2014: Company Name Changed to Ideal-Pak® Incorporated