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Ideal Featured Machine
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Featured Machine:

Ideal-Pak® Model PT-IF Semi-Automatic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine for Kegs, Drums and Totes

Ideal-Pak ME2-CEM Liquid Filler

PT-IF Semi-Automatic Net Weight Drum and Tote Filling Machine with powered in-feed, out-feed and scale conveyors, plus ground fault indicator, Type X Purge Controller (optional) - Inside Fill Configuration.


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Ideal-Pak® Model PT-IF
Customer: Specialty Coatings Manufacturer

Customer's Filling Application: Specialty Coatings and Solvents
Customer Requirements:

• Fill 30 gallon drums.
• Fill 55 gallon drums.
• Fill 275 gallon HDPE totes.
• Inside filling
• Fill Rates Required:
    -- 30 gallon drum: 1 - 3 minutes.
    -- 55 gallon drum: 1 - 3 minutes.
    -- 275 gallon tote: 5 - 10 minutes.
• Consistent Filling Accuracy to within ± 1.0 lbs.
• Rapid product changeover and minimum clean-up time between   product batches.
• Ability to store and recall a variety of product filling recipes.
• In-feed and out-feed conveyors.
• Hazardous location due to use of chemicals.
• Meet requirements of local facility zoned conveyor codes.

Machine Design:

• Semi- automatic net-weight filling for high value consumer product.
• Ideal-Pak® precision crafted Fill Lance Nozzle for inside filling.
• Touch pad HMI - for easy machine setup, operation and recipe   management.
• No Container No Fill detection
• Hinged Control Mount
• Drip Cup
• Wetted parts: Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Hard Chrome Plated   Mild Steel, Hastelloy, Kalrez and Teflon.
• Ground Interlock safety system
• Heavy duty 5 foot gravity in-feed conveyor.
• Heavy duty 5 foot on scale powered roller.
• Heavy duty 5 foot gravity out-feed conveyor.
• Class 1, Div 1 Package.

Customer's Goals:

• Accommodates drums of different sizes and pallet arrangements as   well as totes.
• Advanced recipe storage and call-up through HMI for rapid

• Semi-automated process reducing labor and re-work cost.
• Precise fill accuracy eliminating over-fill of high-value product.
• Efficient flush through reducing solvent consumption and waste   generation.

• Effective process throughput improvement from reduction in human   intervention.
• Higher CPM rates achieved.

• Improved ergonomics with powered conveying of filled containers.
• Explosion-proof design meets Class 1, Division 1 Safety Guidelines.





































Ideal-Pak® PT-IF Product Data Sheet Specifications

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