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Join Ideal-Pak® at Pack Expo Nov. 2 - Nov. 5, 2014, in Chicago, IL

I cordially invite you to visit with the Ideal-Pak® team at Booth #2247 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, from November 2 through November 5. This year, we are excited to present the Ideal-Pak® Model AE6-LAM six-head - lateral transfer, DFS®-equipped fully automated 1 gallon filling, lidding and closing machine in our booth. We are also showing the Ideal-Pak® ME1-BFM semi-automatic liquid filling machine for 5 gallon filling and press closing.

If you have an upcoming project, we will be at your service to learn about your application and help you with the Ideal solution to your filling needs. See you in Chicago!

-- Russell Schlager, Director of Sales and Marketing


Pack-Expo Show Special Preview

Ideal-Pak® Model: AE6-LAM

Six Head Automatic Net Weight Liquid Filling Machine with lateral transfer of containers, separate in-feed and out-feed conveyors and the innovative DFS® Direct Fill System.

Ideal-Pak ME2-CEM Liquid Filler

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Ideal-Ideal-Pak® Model: AE6-LAM

Customer: Leading Paint Manufacturer

Customer's Filling Application: Paint Colorant
Customer Requirements:

• Auto fill, automatically place lid and roller close Gallon Open Top   containers.

• Fill Rate(s) Required: o Gallon: 30-45 cpm.

• Consistent Filling Accuracy to within ± .08 lbs.

• Ability to store and recall a variety of product filling recipes.

• Rapid product changeover and minimum clean-up time between   product batches.

• High Speed Lid Placer.

• No Lid Sensor.

• Minimal dripping & spilling during filling operations.

Machine Design:

• Automated Electronic net-weight filling for high value consumer   product.

• Direct Fill System - gravity-fill system.

• Large touch screen color HMI - for easy machine setup, operation   and recipe management.

• Ideal-Pak® Filling Accuracy Enhancement Package:
   - Auto Tare.
   - Auto Preact & Auto First Cycle Preact.
   - Auto Check Weigh.
   - Auto Top-Off.

• Ideal-Pak® precision manufactured Vented Cone Nozzles.

• No Lid Sensor.

• Wetted parts: Stainless Steel, Brass/Bronze, Teflon and Viton.

• Ideal-Pak® Lid Placer.

• Ideal-Pak® Roller Closer.

• Compact machine footprint.

Customer's Improvement:

• Improved filling line productivity - CPM targets achieved.

• Cleaner filling operations - improved yields and less waste.

• More consistent filling of high value product - accuracy achieved.

• Rapid product changeovers achieved due to (DFS®) Direct Fill   System's easy-clean design and machine's advanced recipe storage   and call-up feature.

• Splashing minimized or eliminated due to (DFS®) Direct Fill System's   auto-tank level feature.

• Single operator can now run the filling line.







































Ideal-Pak® AE6-LAM Product Data Sheet Specifications

Ideal-Pak® is also featuring Model ME1-BFM at the show

Ideal-Pak ME1-BFM

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