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Liquid Filling Machines Custom Built for You

Ideal-Pak® Liquid Filling Machines Are Designed To Deliver the Highest Levels of Precision, Productivity, Ease of Use, and Reliability in Automatic, Semi-Automatic or Manual Configurations.

Ideal-Pak® Liquid Filling Machines are individually designed to suit your needs and budgets.  Ideal-Pak®  Automatic Liquid Filling Machines delivers the highest of levels of automation and precision filling performance in a full-featured package. Features include automatic PLC-controlled conveyor systems, lid placers and closers for hands-free operation. In addition all Premier Line filling systems feature a touch screen HMI with recipe storage and SPC with check-weigh data logging and Ethernet connectivity to deliver the highest accuracy, consistent fills, and maximum throughput. Contact us today to find out more about our line of automatic liquid filling machines.

Ideal-Pak®’s Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines deliver the flexibility to process smaller batches of product efficiently while maintaining the highest accuracy. Ideal’s economical Semi-Automatic Filling line and feature: Electronic net weight filling, pneumatic controls, Rice Lake touch pad weight control (ME Models), GE Touch Screen Controls (SE Models), single or double filling positions and a variety of closing options.

A Machine for Every Situation

Automatic Net Weight

Automatic Net Weight Filling Machines

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Semi-Automatic Net Weight

Semi-Automatic Net Weight Filling Machines

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Drum & Tote Fillers

Drum & Tote Filling Machines

Mechanical Weight Filling

Mechanical Weight Fillers