The Massman Companies:      Massman 182x70 DTM EDL Ideal-Pak PASE Group

Drum Fillers and Tote Fillers (PT-Series)

The Ideal-Pak PT Series are the economical Liquid Filling solutions for Inside Filling and Bottom Filling for Pails, Drums, Totes, and IBCs.

The Idea-Pak PT drum and tote filling machines are designed for high accuracy net weight filling to transport and fill a wide variety containers from pails up to large totes (IBCs). Multiple conveyor configurations available including gravity roller or powered conveyors and more.

Standard Features

  • Semi Automatic Net Weight Drum and Tote Filler
  • Top Fill, Bottom Fill, or Inside Fill Nozzle Configurations
  • Ideal-Pak® High Performance Nozzles
  • NTEP Certified Oil Dampened Load Cell
  • Rice Lake Weight Controller with Touch Pad Controls (ME)
  • Solid Delrin Lift Out Rollers
  • Clamped Support on Post for Nozzle Height Adjustment
  • Blue Vacuum Fluorescent 0.5" High Weight Display

  • Allen Bradley Weight Controller with Touch Pad Controls (SE)
  • Table-Top Chain Conveyor or Index Conveyor
  • Heavy-duty Casters with Locks for Portability
  • Rigid Steel Frame Construction
  • Pints to Gallons and Pails
  • Topper Mode
  • Nema 4x Enclosure
  • IP-65 Operators
  • Sanitary Product Contact Parts


  • Additional Mobile Filling Carts (up to 2 Heads)
  • Additional Product Contact Parts
  • Air Diaphragm Pump Control
  • DFS® Direct Fill System Upgrade (Limited Nozzles)
  • Extended Plug & Bottom Up Filling
  • Flush Trough for Remote Cleaning
  • Friction Lid Press Plate
  • Gravity Roller Conveyors
  • Hand Capper

  • Lagable Level Pads
  • Nitrogen Purge Controls
  • Product Contact Parts Mounted on Fill Cart
  • Purgeable Instrument Bezel
  • Recommended Spare Parts Package
  • Remote Air-Operated Flush Control Box for Filling Module
  • Sanitary Product Contact Parts
  • Type X NFPA 496 Control Module


Brochures for Semi-Automatic Electronic Weight Drum and Tote Fillers.

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