The Massman Companies:      Massman 182x70 DTM EDL Ideal-Pak PASE Group

Semi Automatic Electronic Weight Series (ME/SE)

The Ideal-Pak ME & SE Line are the economical Semi-Automatic Filling solutions.

Net weight filling, pneumatic controls, Rice Lake (ME) or Allen Bradley (SE) weight control, *single (~4 CPM) or *double (~6-10 CPM) container filling and a variety of closing options handle a wide variety of applications and container sizes.

*Typical fill rate for 1 gallon containers. Actual rate may vary based on product and process characteristics.


The Vented Cone design is ideal for a wide range of viscosity applications and is extremely effective in eliminating product ”strings” and drips that occur when filling thicker materials using traditional capillary nozzles.  The cone-shaped flow of product spreads delivery over a larger surface area helping to reduce foaming for certain low-foaming product applications.  Vented Cone Nozzles are an ideal choice for product applications including chemicals, paints, lubricants, stains, solvents and food products.
The Ideal-Pak® Probe Nozzle is designed for inside or bottom-up filling of a wide range of products, including liquid detergents, hydraulic fluids, liquid fertilizers, cleaners, herbicides, and solvents.  The Probe Nozzle reduces static build-up and is well suited to filling foamy products. Available in long probe lengths for sub-surface and bottom-up filling in pails, kegs, drums and totes. The innovative quick assembly design allows for clean in place.
Featuring a stronger shaft, improved plug, and no dam, the new Plug Nozzle is the next generation of innovative nozzle design. The wetted parts on this nozzle are Stainless Steel, Teflon and Viton. An optional flush flange is available to enable a hose to be connected for enclosed cleaning.
The Ideal-Pak® Shower Head Nozzle with interchangeable plates is designed for rapid drip free filling of 1/2 pint to 6 gallon open top containers with adhesives, inks and paints. It is also great for filling light liquids such as light paints, solvents, stains and other low to mid-viscosity products.


Manifold CartIdeal-Pak® manifold delivery systems offer the highest levels of precision filling performance.  Available in a variety of nozzle configurations: industrial plug, vented cone, lance/probe, and shower. Single or double nozzle configurations are available. Ball valves can be fixed to the machine or attached to interchangeable fill carts for easy cleaning and changeover.  

Rounded DFS® Cart Ideal-Pak®'s patented flush-fill system offers a variety advantages.

  • More machine run time
  • Balanced flow offers faster fill rates
  • Fewer wetted parts provide greater batch yields
  • Gravity head pressure eliminates splattering
  • Clean up and change over times are reduced by 50%
  • Cleaning media required to clean the machine is reduced by 50%
  • Hazardous waste is reduced by 50%
  • Available on a cart or fixed to the machine
  • Available in single or multiple head configurations

Standard Features

  • Semi Automatic Net Weight Filler
  • Top Fill, Bottom Fill, or Inside Fill Nozzle Configurations
  • Ideal-Pak® High Performance Nozzles
  • NTEP Certified Oil Dampened Load Cell
  • Rice Lake Weight Controller with Touch Pad Controls (ME)
  • Solid Delrin Lift Out Rollers
  • Clamped Support on Post for Nozzle Height Adjustment
  • Blue Vacuum Fluorescent 0.5" High Weight Display

  • Allen Bradley Weight Controller with Touch Pad Controls (SE)
  • Table-Top Chain Conveyor or Index Conveyor
  • Heavy-duty Casters with Locks for Portability
  • Rigid Steel Frame Construction
  • Pints to Gallons and Pails
  • Topper Mode
  • Nema 4x Enclosure
  • IP-65 Operators
  • Sanitary Product Contact Parts


  • Additional Mobile Filling Carts (up to 2 Heads)
  • Additional Product Contact Parts
  • Air Diaphragm Pump Control
  • DFS® Direct Fill System Upgrade (Limited Nozzles)
  • Extended Plug & Bottom Up Filling
  • Flush Trough for Remote Cleaning
  • Friction Lid Press Plate
  • Gravity Roller Conveyors
  • Hand Capper

  • Lagable Level Pads
  • Nitrogen Purge Controls
  • Product Contact Parts Mounted on Fill Cart
  • Purgeable Instrument Bezel
  • Recommended Spare Parts Package
  • Remote Air-Operated Flush Control Box for Filling Module
  • Sanitary Product Contact Parts
  • Type X NFPA 496 Control Module